Finland chose first songs

by Alexander Borodin 61 views

The Finnish Eurovision Song Contest national selection got a wild start. The first semifinal of Eurovision Laulukilpailu, has just been held. All three artists that participated tonight are automatically qualified for the Finnish final, it�s their songs people are voting for. Finnish television viewers have chosen the following songs for the final: Eternamente Maria, sung by Tomi Metsäketo, Take me higher, sung by Jennie and Hard rock hallelujah performed by the hard rock/metal band Lordi (pictured).

The Finnish semifinals this year are held in a small but cosy television studio located in Tampere, (Tammerfors). A small but enthusiastic, standing audience, mainly consisting of fans of the band Lordi, raised the temperature in the studio a lot. Apart from the participating artists tonight with their two songs each, the show also had two guest stars: Katri Helena sang her Finnish Eurovision Song Contest entry from 1979, Katso sineen taivaan and Kirka sang his Eurovision Song Contest entry from 1984, Hengaillaan.

The songs of each artist that recieves the highest number of televotes and SMS votes by the Finnish television viewers qualifies for the final.

This is the result of the first semifinal of Eurovision Laulukilpailu 2006;

Tomi Metsäketo:
Eternamente Maria – 60 %
Un posto fra le nuvol – 40%

Take me higher – 77%
Look at your love -23%

Hard rock hallelujah – 58%
Bringing back the balls to rock – 42%

The final of Eurovision Laulukilpailu will be held in Turku (Åbo) on 10th March. Next Friday, 20th January, the second semifinal takes place.