Two qualify in Norwegian semifinal

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Six songs went head to head in the first of the Norwegian semifinals. Two of them won tickets to the Norwegian final, to be held on 4th February, and another two were selected to be given an opportunity to compete in a special second chance semifinal on 3rd February. The result was decided by the televoting public.

The two songs to pass directly to the Norwegian final on 4th February are:

� Geir Rønning and Jorun Erdal – Lost and found
� Trine Rein – Here for the show

The two songs to receive a second chance are:

� Arlene Wilkes – Sunshine
� Kirsti Carr – Misled

The bottom placed two songs were:

� Christina Undhjem – This is my dream
� Mocci Ryen – Tonight

The results were given in no particular order, and the exact placings are therefore not known.

Sound problems at the beginning of the show meant that the first performer, Trine Rein, was given another opportunity to sing her song at the end of the show, before the voting. She went on to be selected by the public as one of the two winners.

Geir Rønning comes one step closer to representing Norway for the first time. He represented Finland in the semifinal of 2005, although failed to make it through to the international final. Interestingly, he now finds himself in the same position as last year – only a single performance away from an appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest final.

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