Complete list performers Estonian selection

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A few days ago, several of the Eurolaul 2006 participants have been revealed through Estonian radio. Today, ETV provided us the complete list!

1. Carola –It was wou (writer(s)/composer(s): Priit Pajusaar, Glen Pilvre, Maian Kärmas)
2. Sofia Rubina – Open up your heart (writer(s)/composer(s): Mikk Targo)
3. Reverend B & Crux – Everytime I tell you (writer(s)/composer(s): Reverend B)
4. Ines – Iseendale (writer(s)/composer(s): Eda-Ines Etti, Ivo Etti)
5. Anna-Liisa Supp – Sweet separation (writer(s)/composer(s): Mel, Mathura)
6. Sandra Oxenryd – Through my window (writer(s)/composer(s): P. Paulus, I. Laisaar, A. Kotkas, J. Hallas)
7. Glow- Higher (writer(s)/composer(s): Peeter Kaljuste, Elma Liitma, Marta Piigli)
8. Marilin – Be 1st (writer(s)/composer(s): Ivar Must, Rebecca Kontus, James Werts)
9. Noorkuu – Friends will be friends (writer(s)/composer(s): Martti Meumers, Rein Kahro)
10. Meribel – Mr Right (writer(s)/composer(s): Priit Pajusaar, Glen Pilvre, Maian Kärmas)

The 10 finalists were chosen by a professional jury which consisted of Jaak Joala, Priit Hõbemägi, Jaan Elgula, Olavi Pihlamägi, Maarja-Liis Ilus (Estonian representative at the 1996 and 1997 Eurovision Song Contest), Maido Maadik, Jaan Karp, Heidy Purga, Olav Osolin and Jaagup Kreem.

The Estonian selection is to be held on on 4th February at 21:35 EET, the winner will be chosen by an international jury.

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