Controversial problems Cyprus reach climax

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The Cypriot selection for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest will most likely go into the history books as the most controversial national selection for the contest ever! As many as seven entries were disqualified, after CyBC found out the song writers and composers participated or tried to participate in other countries. And that wasn't allowed according to the rules…

Disqualified are:
Come back my heart – Written/composed by Jesus Maria Perez
This is the night – Written/composed by Timo Tulone
Things just work out sometimes – Written/composed by Stig Nygard & Nina Lassander
Join the samba – Written/composed by Ola Larson & Fredrik Hult & Jonas Engstrand
Break of dawn – Written/composed by Ola Larson & Fredrik Hult & Jonas Engstrand
C'est la vie – Written/composed by Tomasz Galkowski & Katarzyna Szczolek
It's over – Written/composed by Tomasz Galkowski & Mel Baranowska

Moments ago, CyBC revealed the new list of participants for the Cypriot semifinals, scheduled to take place on 11th and 12th February.

01. Lost in love – Written/composed by Lefki Stylianou & Antreas Paraskeva
02. Just your smile – Writer(s)/composer(s) unknown
03. To s'agapo – Writer(s)/composer(s) unknown
04. I need you to need me – Writer(s)/composer(s) unknown
05. Play that melody to me – Writer(s)/composer(s) unknown
06. Forever and for good – Written/composed by Eric Babak & Patrick Babak
07. We all are heroes – Written/composed by Eric Babak & Patrick Babak
08. I'm a fighter – Written/composed by John Themis, Rachel Charles & Marina Solonos
09. Funky – Writer(s)/composer(s) unknown
10. Don�t crack now – Written/composed by Mike Connaris & Paul Brown
11. Invincible – Written/composed by Mike Connaris & Tarn-Marie Taylor
12. I will always love you – Writer(s)/composer(s) unknown
13. Why angels cry – Written/composed by Petros Giannaki
14. Land of yesterday – Written/composed by Petros Moschovakis, Joyce Kokkinou & Michalis Hadjimichail
15. Night's shadows – Writer(s)/composer(s) unknown
16. Just a dance – Written/composed by Marios Anastasiou & Christina Georgiou
17. After you – Written/composed by Giannis Charalampous, Natasa Tyrimou & Valanto Tryfonos
18. Congratulations – Written/composed by Christodoulos Siganos, Siganos & Valentino
19. When I see you dreaming – Written/composed by Dimitris Laskaridis & Lizzi Marcroft
20. If you ask me to lie – Written/composed by Matheson Bailey

'Complaint to the EBU'
According to, CyBC is going to file an official complaint at the European Broadcasting Union against those who disrupted the national selection. Legal action against those who broke the rules might be taken as well. In a first reply, project manager Jill Paulsson of the EBU Song Contest Unit says that “the EBU only deals with the international Eurovision Song Contest entries, not the national selections”. As the EBU made clear many times in the recent past, it is “up to the broadcaster to see to that the rules are being followed on a national level”.

Most likely to be continued!

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