Kdam-Eurovision under financial threat

by Itamar Barak 45 views

Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv reports today that the national Eurovision final for 2006, Kdam-Eurovision, is under threat due to a financial crisis in the Israeli broadcaster IBA.

The 2006 Kdam-Eurovision is scheduled to be held in Jerusalem on March 15th. Ma'ariv reports today of a financial crisis within the IBA which might cause the cancellation of the national final. According to this report, an alternative method of selection, in case the song contest will indeed be cancelled, hasn't been chosen yet, although cheaper productions than the Kdam-Eurovision's are being taken into consideration. The national Independence Day programmes are also under threat for the same reasons.

IBA's spokesperson refused Ma'ariv's request to react until the matter is finalised.

It has to be noted that a risk of the Kdam's cancellation was also heard several times in previous years and is used for political clashes within the IBA or just as means to pressure the government to enlarge the broadcaster's budget.

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