Norway: last participants announced

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Norwegian broadcaster (NRK) has now revealed the remaining participants for Melodi Grand Prix 2006. The third semifinal for Bergen will see a return of Kathrine Strugstad, Birgitte Einarsen and Tor Endresen, all of them former participants in the Melodi Grand Prix. Christine Gulbrandsen, (pictured) a young and successful artist in Norway will make her Melodi Grand Prix debut.

There are a lot of veterans in this years Melodi Grand Prix. Tor Endresen participates for the eleventh time in the competition. Last year he was a part of the duo called Seppo. In the Eurovision Song Contest 1997 he represented Norway with the song San Franciciso and ended in last place. Other veterans; Birgitte Einarsen returns, she participated in Melodi Grand Prix 2003 with the song Good evening Europe, while Kathrine Strugstad participated last year.

A new face in Melodi Grand Prix is Christine Gulbrandsen who will sing Alvedansen the only song in Norwegian this year as all the other entries are sung in English. Christine Gulbrandsen is only twenty years but has already released two successful albums and has been compared with the international Norwegian star Sissel Kyrkjebø. Other debutants in Melodi Grand Prix are Phung known from the TV-show Popstars and Veronica Akselsen, daughter of the Norwegian singer Elias Akselsen.

With this, all the 18 entries that are participating in the Norwegian selection 2006 are known. The line-up of participants throughout the three semifinals with their starting order is as follows:

First semifinal � Alta -13th January

1. Geir Rönning & Jorun Erdal – Lost and found
2. Trine Rein – Here for the show
3. Christina Undhjem – My dream
4. Kirsti Carr – Debt
5. Mocci Ryen – Tonight
6. Arlene Wilkes – Sunshine

Second semifinal � Bodø � 20th January

1. Queentastic – Absolutely Fabulous
2. Hanne Haugsand – Heaven's in your eyes
3. Ovi Martin – The Better Side Of Me
4. Marit Strømøy – Too Much Love
5. Hans-Petter Moen & Kim Arne Hagen –I Hear Music
6. Jannicke Abrahamsen – I Wanna Be

Third semifinal – Bergen 27th January
Note, the running order of this semi final is still to be decided.

Tor Endresen – Dreaming of a new Tomorrow
Kathrine Strugstad � Paparazzi world
Birgitte Einarsen – Saturday
Phung – Shut up and kiss me
Christine Gulbrandsen – Alvedansen
Veronica Akselsen – Like a wind

Two songs directly qualify from every semifinal to the final. A second chance round takes place on the 3rd of February, there the songs that have finished in the third or fourth places in every semifinal will compete for the two remaining places in the final. The final is then held in Oslo, Spectrum on the 4th February with eight competing songs. The hosts for all the shows are Synnøve Svabø and Stian Barsnes Simonsen. A Melodi Grand Prix 2006 album featuring all the participating songs will be released next week.

Thanks to Wig Wams 9th place in the final of The Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with their song In My Dreams, Norway is directly qualified for the final in Athens the 20th of May.

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