20 songs Latvian 2006 selection announced

by Sietse Bakker 244 views

The 20 songs for the Latvian 2006 selection Eirodziesma 2006 have been announced by broadcaster LTV today. Among them are some Swedish productions and a song by Lithuanian singer Amberlife. Song titles suggest all songs are in English.

A record 93 songs were received by the Latvian broadcaster for its 2006 national final. Two semifinals, provisonally set to take place on 4th and 11th February, will decide the line up for the national final. Ten songs will compete in each with five being eliminated in every semifinal.

1. Heaven in your eyes
Written by: Thomas G:son
Demo performed by: Sonja Biscop

2. Shining rose
Written by: Thomas Thornholm
Demo performed by: Thomas Thornholm

3. Roll down
Written by: Inga Gaile, Maija Gaile
Performer: May G

4. You say that kissin' is good
Written by: Ilze Melne, Janis Strapcans
Performer: H20

5. Say it is
Written by: Imants Kalnioo, Ojars Kalnioo
Performer: Marts Kristians Kalniòs & Melomania

6. Frozen flower
Written by: Claes Andreasson, Torbjörn Wassenius, Jonas Liberg
Demo performed by: Yen Karlsson

7. Find you
Written by: Kerija Kalcja, Santa Ozolioa
Performer: Kerija Kaleja & Santa Ozolina

8. Feelin'
Written by: Ivo Grisnioo-Grislis
Performer: PRego

9. Day or night
Written by: Edgaras Lubys (Amberlife)
Performer: Amberlife feat. Jenny May

10. Get out of my way
Written by: Lauris Reiniks
Performer: Via meitenes

11. Feel the engine
Written by: Janis Ribens
Performer: re: public

12. Bring the sun
Written by: Criks Bubko
Performer: Gunita Ozola & Guntis Dumins

13. Every mother and every child
Written by: Andris Kivies
Performer: Z-Scars

14. Don't
Written by: Ilze Melne
Performer: Nasty Smile

15. We are the best
Written by: Tomass Kleins, Guntars Raes
Performer: Tomass Kleins & draugi / Family Army

16. Later
Written by: Tomass Kleins, Vidar Bostard
Demo performed by: Sonja Bishop

17. I'm alone
Written by: Andreas Bartels, Mark Klammek, Nick Marriot
Performer: Jenny May

18. Love is everywhere
Written by: Ruslans Kuksenovies
Performer: Device feat. Davis Kolbergs

19. I hear your heart
Written by: Molly-Ann Leikin, Guntars Raes
Performer: Cosmos

20. Player
Written by: Viktorija Zemiinska
Performer: Nicol

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