Francine Jordi released new German album

by Marcus Klier 91 views

Francine Jordi, who represented Switzerland in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest, has released a new album. It is called Halt mich (Hold me) and contains 15 songs, all of them sung in German.

In 1998, Francine Jordi won the Grand Prix der Volksmusik, a contest similar to the Eurovision Song Contest, with four contries taking part: Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy (Southern Tyrol). Since then, she became a star in the Volksmusik scene in the German speaking countries. Despite that, she only finished 22nd in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Dans le jardin de mon âme (In the garden of my soul). However, she is still one of the best selling Volksmusik acts.

The tracklist of Halt mich:
1. Halt mich noch einmal (Hold me once again)
2. Gib mir die Zeit (Give me the time)
3. Die Entdeckung der Gefühle (The discovery of feelings)
4. So lass ich dich nicht gehen (I won't let you go that way)
5. Immer wenn ich an dich denke (Always when I think of you)
6. Du bist mehr (You are more)
7. Kleiner Engel (Little angel)
8. Das Feuer des Flamenco (The fire of the Flamenco)
9. So wie du (Just like you)
10. Wenn ich jetzt ein Kind bekäme (If I got a child now)
11. Zeig ein bisschen Gefühl (Show a bit emotions)
12. Schritt für Schritt (Step by step)
13. Hör auf dein Herz (Listen to your heart)
14. Zurück zum Leben (Back to life)
15. Quando, quando (When, when)

Some of the songs have Italian or Spanish characteristics. Volksmusik songs are often influenced by music of Southern countries, although these are often not very authentic.

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