Ingrid Peters to release new album

by Marcus Klier 59 views

Ingrid Peters, who represented Germany in the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest in Bergen, is going to launch her new album called Mit meinen Augen (Through my eyes) on October 21st. The album will contain 18 songs, most of them in German.

Ingrid Peters is one of the better known 'Schlager' singers from Germany. Since 1976, she has had several hits. But nevertheless, her national succes didn't help her much during her Eurovision Song Contest appearance. Although she was among the favourites, she only finished 8th with her song Über die Brücke geh'n (Crossing the bridge). This song was the last one sung by her to reach the German single charts.

Tracklist of Mit meinen Augen:

1. Was ist wenn (What happens if…)
2. Du bist einfach Wahnsinn (You are just awesome)
3. Das kommt mir so bekannt vor (That's so familiar to me)
4. Was wolln wir wetten? (What are we going to bet for?)
5. Das Ende eines Sommers (A summer's end)
6. In deinen Augen siehts nach Regen aus (In your eyes it looks like raining)
7. Sarbrigge, du bist meine Stadt (Saarbrück, you are my town)
8. Dieses Leben (This life)
9. Mitten im Sommer (In the middle of the summer)
10. Wenn den Kindern Flügel wachsen (When children get wings)
11. Weit (Far)
12. Auf Wiedersehn ist nicht Lebwohl (Goodbye doesn't mean forever)
13. In deinen Augen siehts nach Regen aus – unplugged
14. My angel
15. Together
16. Sag mir, wo die Blumen sind (Where have all the flowers gone)
17. Vor langer Zeit in New Orleans (Long ago in New Orleans)
18. Wo liegt im Sommer der Schnee (Where is the snow in summertime?)

Sarbrigge, du bist meine Stadt is following her home town Saarbrücken. Nicole, the only German winner in the contest, is also from Saarbrücken. Sag mir wo die Blumen sind is the German version of Where have all the flowers gone, which was originally by Pete Seeger. It is one of the most famous songs in the world and among others was recorded by Bob Dylan under the title Blowing in the wind. The most popular German version was by Marlene Dietrich in 1964, Juliane Werding did a cover version in the 1980s. Vor langer Zeit in New Orleans is not supposed to be related to the hurricane catastrophies in the United States.

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