Boris Novkovic and Laura Gudim in Croatian talkshow

by Sietse Bakker 251 views

Together with Boris Novkovic, who represented Croatia at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, brand new editor Laura Gudim will feature in the talkshow Sanja, hosted by Sanja Dole�al, the lead singer of Novi Fosili, who came fourth at the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest, representing Yugoslavia. The show will be aired 29th September on RTL Hrvatska.

In the pre-recorded talkshow, Laura will talk about the poems and lyrics she writes. Knowing of Laura's great passion for the Eurovision Song Contest, the show kindly asked Boris Novkovic to join the show.

Other Croatian poets and writers also take part, but Laura and Boris talk at length about the contest, Boris' experiences in Kyiv, the importance of lyrics in songs and how they think it would be better for the native language rule to be returned to the Eurovision Song Contest.

In th show, Boris tells how a journalist approached him in Kyiv and asked him why he was singing in Croatian, and not in English, to which Boris replied that he is proud of his mother tongue. Laura says that she hopes that “�eljko Joksimović's runner-up spot last year singing in Serbian will make performers think twice about singing in English as opposed to their native language”.

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