Yahoo! will broadcast contest online

by Sietse Bakker 290 views

What Microsofts MSN did last year, Yahoo! will do this year ! The internet company, known by the portal website and search engine, will make sure that everyone can watch the Eurovision Song Contest from all over the world and from 5 different channels in the Parken Stadium !

The first channel will broadcast the regular songcontest just like the television signal. The second channel will broadcast a permanent close-up view from the artist(s) on stage. A third channel will broadcast a unique “behind-stage” view. It shows images from the Green Room and the stage entry, but also the show desk and the make-up area. This channel will also broadcast taped footage.

The fourth channel makes sure the visitors of the Parken can wave to their family and friends at home. The last – fifth – channel will broadcast various items from DR and Yahoo!…

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