TVE to broadcast 1987 Eurovision Song Contest

by Marcus Klier 95 views

The Spanish broadcaster TVE will broadcast the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest again on 25th August. From 21:00 CET you can watch the 32nd edition of the contest which took place on 9th May 1987 in the Palais du Centenaire in Brussels.

The Eurovision Song Contest went to Brussels, Belgium in 1987 after Sandra Kim won the contest in 1986 with the song J'aime la vie. It was organised by the Walloon broadcaster RTBF. Host of the night was the singer Viktor Laszlo who was quite successful in the French and German speaking parts of Europe. At the beginning of the show, she sang her song Breathless, which became a hit all over Europe.

Johnny Logan won the contest for the second time with the song Hold me now, which was written by himself. The song was a huge success in all European hitlists, even in countries where the contest is not very popular. The German band Wind finished second like they did in 1985 with the song Laß die Sonne in dein Herz, written by Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinunger. They got 12 points from Iceland and Denmark, where the song became a hit. But nevertheless, in Germany itself the song wasn't commercially very succesful despite the good placing. The favoured Italian duo Tozzi & Raff reached 3rd place with the song Gente di mare.

It might be a surprise that Spain broadcasts this contest as the Spanish singer Patricia Kraus only finished 19th from 22 with only 10 points, which were all given by Greece. Seyyal Tanner, who represented Turkey together with the group Lokomotif told earlier, that she seriously tried to win the contest. She didn't manage that at all – she came last with zero points.

The 1987 Eurovision Song Contest is only broadcast on the channel TVE Nostalgia, a channel for digital television viewers in Spain. The programme is unfortunately not broadcast via satellite over TVE Internacional.