Vanilla Ninja released limited double CD

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The Estonian girl group Vanilla Ninja, who represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, has released a special limited double CD album named Blue Tatoo – Limited Edition, including their latest hits.

Blue Tatoo
The first CD with the double album is their latest album Blue Tatoo, which includes the hit singles Blue tatoo and I know, as well as their Eurovision Song Contest entry Cool vibes. The album was released for the first time in April 2005 and entered the charts all over Europe: It reached a peak position of fourth in Germany. The CD is also currently in 69th position of the Swiss album charts, having previously reached 20th spot.

The second CD contains special classical and unplugged performances of their songs. Among others there is a classical extented version of Cool vibes. Moreover, there are video-CD bonus items about the songs I know and Cool vibes. You can also find a booklet with all the lyrics and a poster of the band.



1. Blue tatoo
2. Cool vibes
3. Never gotta know
4. Just another day to live
5. I don't care at all
6. The coldest night
7. Hellracer
8. I know
9. Corner of my mind
10. Undercover girl
11. My puzzle of dreams
12. Nero
13. Just another day to live (extented version 9:24)
14. Corner of my mind (extented version 7:24)
15. Blue tatto video CD-Rom bonus
16. I know video Cd-Rom bonus


1. Just another day to live (classical version)
2. Cool vibes (classical version)
3. My puzzle of dreams (classical version)
4. The coldest night (classical version)
5. Corner of my mind (classical version)
6. Blue tattoo (classical version)
7. Nero (classical version)
8. I don't care at all (unplugged version)
9. Never gotta know (unplugged version)
10. Hellracer (unplugged version)
11. I know (unplugged version)
12. Undercover girl (unplugged version)
13. Cool vibes video CD-Rom bonus
14. I know (unplugged) video CD-Rom bonus

Vanilla Ninja finished 8th in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 representing Switzerland.

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