Russia: Dina’s videoclip

by Alex Noone 136 views

Dina Garipova’s preparations for Malmö are well underway.

The young singer, originally from Tatarstan, has filmed a videoclip to accompany the song, What if, which was chosen internally by Russia’s Channel One to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest this coming May.

During the clip, Dina is seen on stage at Moscow’s famous Maly Theatre. There she is joined by a cast of 500 extras, each representing a different nationality, religion or walk of life.

Written by Swedish composers Gabriel Alares and Joachim Björnberg along with Russian musician Leonid Gutkin of the band, Autograph, What if is a powerful ballad. Dina presented the song to the Russian television-viewing public during a special programme aired on Channel One on 24 February.

The full videoclip will be released mid-March. But until then footage of the day’s filming has been made available here

Russia will compete on the first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö on 14 May.