Croatia: Klapa s mora to record English version of Mizerja – Hard times

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 556 views

HRT, the Croatian national broadcasters has informed that Klapa s mora the 2013 Croatian representatives will be recording an English version of their Eurovision entry Mizerja, under the title Hard times

Klapa s mora (Klapa from the sea) were internally selected to represent Croatia at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest next May. The Croatian ensemble will  appear on stage in Malmö wearing  Croatian Knighthood of Alka oufits.

Klapa s Mora lyric video Hard times

Klapa s Mora- Mizerja live performance

The Klapa s Mora ensemble consists of:

  • First tenor – Marko Škugor, from klapa Kampanel
  • Second tenor – Ante Galić, from klapa Sinj
  • First baritone – Nikša Antica, from klapa Kampanel
  • Second baritone – Leon Bataljaku, from klapa Crikvenica
  • Bass – Ivica Vlaić, from klapa Sebenico
  • Bass – Bojan Kavedžija, from klapa Grdelin

Maestro Mojmir Čačija selected the lucky artists and he is responsible for the vocal arrangement. Producer Nikša Bratoš, along with Dragan Brnas, made the arrangement of the song.

HRT, the Croatian national broadcaster,  confirmed to last January  that a special HRT jury selected the 2013 Croatian entry, titled Mizerja (Misery or Sadness). The song is composed by Goran Topolovac, who hails from Duga Resa.

Croatia debuted at the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest with Put’s Don’t ever cry. The country is yet to win the contest and their best placing at Europe’s favourite television show was in 1996 with Majda Blagdan and in 1999 with Doris Dragovic, achieving a 4th placing.

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