Ukraine � the heart of Europe

by Julia Ostromogilska 288 views

May 18 to 22 the main streets of Kyiv will be open to pedestrians only, as this period will be completely dedicated to the grand opening of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005. It will be marked by the art-show celebration Ukraine � the heart of Europe.

Various concerts will take place these days in five major cities of Ukraine, including Kyiv, Donetsk and Dniepropetrovsk. Ihor Lytovchenko, the president of Kyivstar, a Ukrainian mobile operator, sponsoring the program, is sure that this action will help still more Ukrainians to really feel themselves in the heart of Europe and participate in different events.

At the end of the show, Ruslana will light a symbolic heart. The same hearts will be lit in other Ukrainian cities by little girls, bearing the name of Ruslana.