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Greece won the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest with the song My number one, performed by Helena Paparizou. As next year's Eurovision Song Contest traditionally takes place in the winning country, we will be going to Athens next year! President Yuschenko handed over the trophy, which is made of pure gold.

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  • What a show!
    It has only been months ago when Ukraine's Orange Revolution took place and many doubted if this year's Eurovision Song Contest coult take place in Kyiv. After a few months of very hard working, all preparations were finished in time and host broadcaster NTU and the European Broadcasting Union, along with the participants, put together a wonderful show!

    The 50th Eurovision Song Contest kicked off with some excellent vocal performances from Hungary, United Kingdom, Malta and Romania and an energetic performance of Norway. Gulseren from Turkey prepared a small 'opening speech' and as before, the Moldovan band Zdub si Zdob and their grandma could count on a big applause. Albania's Ledina Celo also gave a strong vocal performance and Constantinos Christoforou re-build the stage of the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest here at the Palats Sportu. Shiri Maimon did a fabulous performance of her entry and after Serbia & Montenegro it was already time for a break!

    What many didn't notice, was that the on-screen flag of Serbia & Montenegro was red, blue and white, while the flag of Serbia & Montenegro is blue, white and red. The red, blue and white flag is actually the Serbian flag. Painful, as No Name comes from Montenegro and has been promoting Montenegro intensivelly.

    Jacob from Denmark was Talking to you and Martin Stenmark had great fun performing his Las Vegas. Martin Vucic from FYR Macedonia made our day with his performance and during the performance of GreenJolly, the audience went totally crazy! Gracia from Germany gave a stunning performance of her Run & Hide and enthousiasm arised for the Croatian performance. Then it was Helena's turn, who appeared to be very confident on stage. Russia and Bosnia & Herzegovina were both strong and the Estonian girl group Vanilla Ninja rocked the stage for Switzerland. Finally, the Latvian boys Walters & Kazha and Ortal closed the evening.

    The televoting brought some interesting suprises. Although you can expect a more detailed analisys on this year's televoting, one of the most interesting issues was the 12 points from Turkey to Greece. And what do you think about the fact that France didn't get any point from Monaco?

    Small Four
    Spain, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, the 'Big Four' of the Eurovision Song Contest, took the bottom four this year. These four countries pay the highest participation fee and therefor are granted a place in the final. The fact that all four countries ended up at the bottom raises the question again if the Big Four-concept should stay. congratulates Greece, Helena Paparizou, songwriters- and composers Christos Dantis and Natalia Germanou and everyone else behind My number one!