Opening sequence to be recorded tonight

by Sietse Bakker 69 views

A camera crane of 23 meters will record the opening sequence for this year's Eurovision Song Contest, which will bring you on to the stairs of Palats Sportu. People of Filmotechnic have been working all day to construct one of the biggest camera cranes in the world. Quite some work for one shot of approximately seven seconds…

“Filmotechnic has a lot of experience in building these cranes”, Richy Lind of camera company Prisma said.

All of today's hard work on the camera crane is basically done for a shot that lasts a few seconds. While watching the construction, spoke with Svante Stockselius, executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest. “This shot was actually not planned. But they are putting so much effort into the decoration of the venue, that I thought it would be great to actually show it to the viewers of the contest”, Stockselius explained. While he told about the idea behind this part of the opening sequence, someone brought him the new version of the introduction music.

When you're watching the opening sequence of this year's contest, remember it took them a day to build the camera crane for the few seconds it will take!

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