Geir Rönning needs money!

by Sietse Bakker 141 views

Geir Rönning need money. Calling home every day to speak to his wife and five sons, the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest representative expects a high phone bill. Hilarious!

During the second rehearsal of Why, people in the audience generally agreed that Geir doesn't seem to have any trouble singing this vocally difficult song.

During the press conference after the rehearsal, Geir explained his drive to make this participation work. “I will be very disappointed if we do not qualify for the final… not because of the pressure from Finland, but because I want to join the final participants on Saturday”, he said. “We deserve it”.

Just like during the first press conference, Geir shows that he cares for people. “When was the last time you turned round to your friend, gave them a hug and told them that you loved them? I do it all the time”, he said. He calles his wife and five sons every day and expects a high bill. “People, I need money”, he joked.

Meanwhile, the Finnish press kits reached the pigeon holes. Later today, will show you the enormous amount of information, gadgets, presents and CDs are being spread among the journalists and fans.

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