Wig Wam�s Saturday night gig

by Benny Royston 114 views

Wig Wam, the Norwegian rock band representing their home country at this year�s Eurovision Song Contest, performed at Kyiv�s exclusive �Moda� (Fashion) Nightclub last night in front of an adoring crowd. As well as the local fans, Wig Wam�s VIP support included Iceland�s Selma and Finland�s Geir Rönning and of course, esctoday.com was there to cover the event live.

Wig Wam are steadily building momentum in Kyiv, and for the Saturday night before taking to the stage, the group decided to warm up and play a gig away from the Eurovision Song Contest village. The venue was a trendy club on a huge boat moored on the banks of the Dnepr River. The main floor is downstairs, with the stage above on a glass floor running down the middle of the rectangular venue, with a VIP viewing bar running around the outside of the hall.

Esctoday.com was pleased to be invited to the exclusive event, and spent some time with the delegations from Iceland, Finland and Belarus. Selma and Geir Rönning (the lead singers of Iceland and Finland respectively) greeted each other warmly, and their groups mixed, sang and danced together truly in the spirit of Eurovision.

Wig Wam arrived on stage at 1:30 to perform several songs from their album, mixed in with some all time classics, including Bon Jovi�s Living on a prayer, Wig Wam had the crowd rocking for an hour. Interspacing their songs, the crowd chanted the chorus to their Eurovision Song Contest entry, In my dreams before the band signalled the end of their performance by bringing out the backing singers and launching into an energetic rendition of the song.

Delighted, the crowd cheered and chanted the bands name until they came out to perform an encore. They were genuinely delighted with the reception they received and called Selma and the Iceland girls onstage to do an impromptu jam session of the awestruck crowd. Selma and Wig Wam lead singer, Glam performed a duet version of the Wild thing. Finally, the band closed the show with a new hard rock version of Genghis Kahn, the former German Eurovision Song Contest entry.

After the show, esctoday.com was invited backstage to meet the band and interview lead singer, Glam. This will be published later today along with an exclusive video report.

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