Kyiv 2005: Public relations play important role

by Sietse Bakker 222 views

Public relations management plays an important role in the organisation at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. After a tender, in which three companies participated, CFC now has the task to bring the press closer to the event as well as organising Eurovision Song Contest related events in Kyiv, like Ruslana's concert and the EuroCamp. spoke with Vasyl Yablonski, senior project manager of CFC, about the company and its involvement with the Eurovision Song Contest. “CFC was founded five years ago as the Club of Five Continents, emphasising their goal to promote unity between Ukraine and the rest of the world”, Vasyl said. “In 2002 we came up with the idea to bring Ukraine to the Eurovision Song Contest and last year – with help of NTU – we took care of PR and management of Ruslana”. Recently, CFC organised a big investment conference in Frankfurt (Germany) related to Ukraine.

When the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Estonia three years ago, the Estonian tourism board noticed a 30% raise in tourism after the contest took place in Tallinn. “I don't think that the contest will bring significantly more tourists to Ukraine, but I am pretty confident that the contest can help people in Europe to get to know Ukraine better as a beautiful country in development”, Vasyl explained. “Ukraine is not entirely ready for large amounts of tourists, but Kyiv has a lot to offer, just like other big European cities like London and Paris. More and more good hotels are opening their doors, which encourages competition. This will most likely lower the prices of the luxury hotels”.

CFC currently has almost 20 employees, particulary working in the field of public relations for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The average age is 23, the oldest is 32 and the youngest 19 years old. CFC hopes to stay involved with the Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest participation.

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