Medical problems for Nuno Resende

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Although Nuno is currently suffering with his health, the tough Portuguese Belgian showed his strong vocal abilities at both today's rehearsal and press conference. For Thursday's semifinal, Nuno seems to be opting for the red shirt and black costume with baroque touch we earlier presented on

Leslie Cable, Head of the Belgian Delegation started by giving an update on Nuno's health. “He was seen today by three doctors and is still suffering from both laryngitis and an allergic reaction to his medication. He was told he may not sing. So we are amazed he was able to rehearse today.

Nuno's plans after the Eurovision Song Contest aren't finalized yet. “Although in Belgium they have already started working on a show for me. There will be an album too but I think the show is more important. It will probably be in French.

Nuno cannot answer the question what makes him stand out from the other competitors. “It is up to other people to say that. I am just me. If people like my song and they like my voice, they will vote for me.

Nuno proved that his voice is in good health, although he's suffering from other medical problems, and performed Back in the USSR of The Beatles.

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