France will sing in French and English

by Sietse Bakker 222 views

France will sing a part of “Je n”ai que mon âme” in English !!! reported this big news and the EBU confirmed the news. It”s very unusual for France to sing in English. France was named as a possible winner and by singing in English they made their chances even bigger !

The European Broadcasting Union published the lyrics on their website for almost two weeks ago, but nobody saw that the last chorus of the French song was written in English. The CD-single of “Je n”ai que mon âme” contains also an English version, “All I have is my soul”. Another big supporter of the own language has fallen, because France used the own language on tradition.

“With a few lines of English in the song, they probably enlarge the chance to win the contest”, a Eurovision professional said. France is named as a possible winner and can be found on the first place of many internet polls. The Australian betting website pays out four times if you put your money on France to win the 46th Eurovision Song Contest and they really win !

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