This weekend: more info for København

by Sietse Bakker 219 views

Sunday evening, Croatia had the traditional Dora for 2001. Vanna, long expected as the winner, became first with her song “Strune ljubavi”, which means “Strings of love”. With 100 points she was the “big winner”. Her reaction after the televoting was very cool, just like the ambiance in the HRT studio's in Zagreb. When she became the winner, she repriesed the song in English. It's up to the composers if Vanna will sing in Croatian or English on May 12 in Copenhagen.

The Netherlands now ! As you all might know we visited Rotterdam for the yearly Nationaal Songfestival in the Ahoy stadium. The expected winner Ebonique ended up at the second place with “So much love”. Michelle (at last position in the internet poll !) won the contest and will represent The Netherlands in Copenhagen. So we will open the ESC 2001 with a ballad ! Michelle will perform “Out on my own” in Copenhagen.

News from Denmark ! Now we know that Rollo and King will perform the English version of “Der står en billede av dig på mit bord”, we also want to know what the English version will sound like ! We will know on March 17, 1955 GMT !!! DR will present the English version and video clip than !

It”s very silent in the plagiarism case of Sweden ! It can take very long – far after the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen – before any judge decided if “Lyssna till ditt hjärta” (“Listen to your heartbeat”) is plagiarism or not. Plagiarism in two cases: the one with the Belgian song “Liefde is een kaartspel” (ESC 1996) performed by Lisa del Bo and the case with the Croatian song “Isus najvece ime”.

Before it”s getting bored…France presented the song for Copenhagen. Natasha saint-Pier will sing “Je n”ai gue mon âme”, which is a balad (of course, ghgh)…

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