Take two for Lithuania

by Benny Royston 93 views

Lithuania�s second rehearsal today went smoothly, this time in front of not only the camera and lighting crew, but also their choreographer and stylist. Making some last minute minor changes to the routine, Laura and the Lovers are now well prepared for the semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday.

Laura and the Lovers were dressed in their stage outfits this time. Laura in a white mini-dress styled outfit with Lena Phillipson styled knee high leather boots. The backing singers will be in black.

Following the rehearsal, the second press conference took place. This was more relaxed than the first time, with Laura smiling and joking with her Lovers and delegation. They performed last years� winning Eurovision Song Contest song, Wild dances, Laura then sang Just be, a song that she took to the Lithuanian final with the band �Relanium�, and also of course, Little by little.

Asked about her chances for qualifying for this year�s final, Laura said �The viewers will decide. I believe in luck, I�ll do my best and hope we reach a good place�.

A question was raised about the release of the song in Sweden. Billy Butt, the composer said that �We are testing the song in Sweden and hope to release it in Scandinavia. We�ll see what the radio stations do. We also hope to move into Europe�the song is now one of the most played on Lithuanian radio�As time has moved on in Europe, this is a pioneer project between Sweden and the Baltics, only 15 years ago they hardly knew each other existed�.

Laura and the Lovers will be performing at the Baltic party on May 16th in the EuroClub, Kyiv and at Ruslana�s Charity Concert on May 17th.

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