Portugal press conference

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The second rehearsal and press conference of the Portuguese group 2B, with their song Amar took place at lunchtime today. There was some energetic choreography in the presentation on the stage, and this continued in the press conference, where the lead singers got up onto the tables to sing to the journalists. It was a very happy and relaxed conference, with a great atmosphere.

Press conference

The first question asked at the conference, was what had they seen of Kyiv? Rui and Luciana said that they were very happy to be here, and they consider it to be a special country, with hard working, strong people, who they admire very much. They were also impressed by the organisation and the production of the contest. But they had not seen to much of the scenery, as when they are not working, they are resting and sleeping!

If they win or lose after the Eurovision Song Contest, what plans had they? “A long vacation!” was the short immediate answer. Rui then added that he wants to work, harder and harder, to get better and better, and make all his dreams come true, and watch his children grow up of course. Luciana confessed that her English wasn't so good, she just wants to “sing, dance and win!”

The energetic choreography was commented upon, how did they cope with combining this, with singing at the same time, and was there a relationship between the lyrics and the dance? It was “very difficult”, but they had a good team behind them. They then introduced the four girl dancers who are on stage, one from the United Kingdom, one from Brazil and two from Italy, to make it an international line up. The choreographer, stylist, lyric writer and composers were also introduced, as they were sitting in the audience amongst the fans and journalists.

What are the expectations in Portugal, is the message getting through about how big this contest is? “Portugal loves the song, and in Spain too, we have come here to win, and we are very happy!”

As is almost compulsory at a press conference, it was finished off with music, and again they got onto the tables to sing. Luciana sang a Portuguese song, and then Rui sang in English Blue suede shoes

They then posed for photographs. The next time the Portuguese appear on stage will be at the first dress rehearsal of the semifinal on 18th May from 15.00 local time.

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