Watch now: Second semi-final in Latvia

by Edward Montebello 135 views

Tonight the second twelve acts in the Latvian selection will compete in the second semi-final. The Latvian selection known as Dziesma 2013 will continue tonight at Palladium Concert Hall in Riga. Six songs from this semi-final will qualify to the final of 16 February.

The qualifiers will be determined by a 50%-50% public and jury vote. The jury will be composed of nine musical experts. The show will be hosted by Valmiera, Martin Meyer, Madara Botmane and Anta Aizupe. Last year’s representative Annmary will be one of the guests in the show.

How to watch

LTV 1 20:25 CET (21:25 local time)

Webcast (will be available right before the show starts)

The participants

1. Aiwink – Now or never

2. Ieva Sutugova – Cold heart

3. Marta Ritova – I am who I am

4. Per – Here we go

5. Dāvids Kalandija & Dināra – Fool in love

6. Mārtiņš Ruskis & 4 vēji – Joey

7. Andris Kivičs – Hey hey!

8. Pieneņu Vīns – The one

9. Niko – One

10. Framest – Let the night belong to the lovers

11. Kristīne Šomase – Phoenix fly

12. Rūta Dūduma – Here I am

You can listen to the songs by clicking here