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Melodi Grand Prix 2013, the annual Norwegian Eurovision selection  is concluding tonight with the Grand Final at the  Spektrum theatre, in Oslo.

The programme

After three heats, that  have taken place during  the last weeks in three different cities, a total of 9  songs  qualified for tonight’s final via a public vote. NRK, the Norwegian Public Broadcaster selected one act as a wildcard among the acts that didn’t qualify, hence a total 10 acts will be competing tonight at the Oslo Spektrum.

Four songs out of the ten will make it through to a Super final. Those 4 songs  will be decided upon the combined vote of a 7 person professional jury and the public vote. The winner of MGP 2013 though will be decided by televoting only.

How to watch

The show kicks off at  19:55 CET and will be aired live on NRK 1 and will be streamed live on NRK’s official website and on the webtv of the official Eurovision Song Contest website.  

The interval act of tonight’s grand final will be a surprise for all the eurofans across Europe. Last year’s winner Loreen will perform a spectacular act, accompanied by 11 dancers on stage. Her show will be inspired by…Game of thrones. Last year’s Norwegian representative  Tooji, will perform a re-arranged version of his song Stay.

Below you can find the list of tonight’s competing songs and artists, in order of appearance. We have also included some information about the respective artists along with a short comment from each one of them.


Song 1: Vidar Busk  – Paid my way

Lyrics: Tim Scott McConnell

Music: Tim Scott McConnell and Vidar Busk

Third place in Steinkjer heat.

I am so relieved and happy now I’m on to the Oslo Spektrum but I had my doubts. The pessimistic side of me thought that this would be crash and burn. But everything must be tried and the Grand Prix was on the list.

In the excitement of the announcement Vidar temporarily lost his guitar and had to borrow one to perform again with.

Lemon Soda and a sausage was his comment when he was asked how he would celebrate qualifying.

Song 2: Fjellfolk – Ulvetuva

Lyrics / Music: Trym Bjønnes

Second place in Florø heat.

We are well known and underdogs, so it’s an unbelievable prize that people have voted for us.

This was a very strong heat, and we dared not take anything for granted. We were realistic, so this is totally awesome. Going up on stage to play the song one more time when you know that you are through and just relax and enjoy it – it was awesome.

The group consists of Trym Bjønnes, Helga Jacobsen and Tor Hoslemo. All three have their roots in Setesdalen which is Aust-Agder County in southern Norway. The trio plays a mixture of traditional folk songs with modern music.

Song 3: Adelén – Bombo

Lyrics / Music: Ina Wroldsen and Quiz & Larossi

First place in Larvik heat.

She is only 16 years old and relatively unknown

I’m a perfectionist.

When I sang my song for the second time, I felt crazy. It was all unreal. And now I’m going to Spectrum – I’m speechless

I had completely given up hope. When they called out Gaute third, I said to my manager David Eriksen that it’s over for me. I was absolutely sure I was not going any further. And I won!

This is a Spanish sounding contribution and Adelén has a Spanish mother. She sang partly in Spanish.

Song 4: Gromth feat. Emil Solli-Tangen – Alone

Lyrics: Emil Solli-Tangen and Sven Atle Kopperud (Silenoz)

Music: Gromth

First place in Steinkjer heat.

The performers include opera singer Emil Solli-Tangen and metal band Gromth, which  is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band from Oslo,founded in 2007.

Emil Solli-Tangen is the younger brother of 2010 winner Didrik Solli-Tangen.

He said, It has been incredibly exciting.

I focused on the fact that I was having fun when I stood on stage. I managed to have great fun. I can not remember the last time I had so much fun on stage. It’s absolutely mad crazy. I would never have thought it.

Song 5: Gaute Ormåsen – Awake

Music: Gaute Ormåsen and Jesper Borgen

Lyrics: Fredrik Borgen

Third place in Larvik heat.

He was the Idolvinneren winner from 2003.

Last time he was in the MGP he was not successful in qualifying.

I had a much better song this time. I was very nervous before I went on. I am a perfectionist and want it to sound like in the studio, but it never does. I am anyway very happy with her performance, and very happy to be allowed to play my song one more time.

Song 6: Lucky Lips – Sweet and heavy

Lyrics / Music: Malin Pettersen

This Bluegrass band participated in the last selection heat of MGP Saturday in Larvik.

After hearing of their wildcard selection Malin Pettersen said We did not qualify for the final, so I thought that was it. Now I can scream and sing as much as I want. I’ll probably take it easy the rest of the week, so it should go well.

I had planned to send flowers to NRK and the show’s producer and give thanks for the adventure, but now I must wait a little with it.

This is the music we live for. I do not think people realize how much it means to us, it is very, very big.

Song 7: Datarock – Underground

Lyrics: Fredrik Saroea

Music: Fredrik Saroea and Pål Myran-Håland

Second place in Steinkjer heat.

Absolutely incredible. I was so insecure and was so happy, were the comments of drummer Tarjei Strøm.

We were afraid to disappoint the Norwegian people. I promise to breath MGP during the next few weeks

The band has toured around the world, but it’s the first time they have been in the MGP.

Fredrik Saroea is looking forward to creating disco party during the final in Oslo Spektrum.

Song 8: Annsofi – I’m with you

Lyrics / Music: Alexander Rybak

Third place in Florø heat.

18-year-old Annsofi comes from Sarpsborg with the task of performing a song written by former Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak.

I was a little nervous that the name of Alexander would draw too much attention from the performance. But it could also be that I got a few more votes because of him. Now I feel that whatever I have reached out to people.

Annsofi is very excited to take on the big stage in Oslo.

Help, I’m going to Spektrum! This was a great night. It will be fun to come back to school on Monday.

Song 9: Margaret Berger – I feed you my love

Lyrics / Music: Karin Park, Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson

First place in Florø heat.

This is the icing on the cake, was the comment of Margaret Berger after she won the MGP semifinal.

It came as a shock, I think maybe people looked at me too. I could hardly believe it was true. It is just bliss, I’m very happy

She had achieved second place in Idol in 2004.

It was actually a little scary, because I have had bad experience with it from Idol. I felt that it would mean I was not going to win. But I won anyway!

Song 10: Circus Eliassen – I love you te quiero

Lyrics: Magnus Eliassen and Erik Eliassen

Music: Magnus Eliassen

Second place in Larvik heat.

The Eliassen brothers broke through in 2011 with the song Home to dæ, which went platinum five times.

It is such an incredibly good feeling. Now we are ready to celebrate with a big party and we look forward to continuing in Oslo.


Do you want to watch the three heats of MGP 2013? Click on the links.

Norway is participating in the second half of the second semi-final on 16 May.

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