France: Nina Morato prepares comeback

by Yann Messina 695 views

The very talented singer and actress Nina Morato, who represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Dublin in 1994 with a fresh and provocative performance of Je suis un vrai garçon is working on her imminent comeback under the spotlights.

Nina Morato has not released any new album since Moderato, back in 1999, privileging her acting career in major French movies and theatre plays such as the French adaptation of the Broadway comedy The vagina monologues (as the 2006 Monegasque Eurovision entrant Séverine Ferrer), though regularly performing in various music gigs and writing-composing for other popular singers.

The latest movie in which Nina appears has been screened in French movie theatres for a couple of months now. Titled Rengaine, the movie by Rachid Djaïdani is about the impossible union of two lovers, Dorcy, a young black African Christian, and Sabrina, a young Arab Muslim. The movie is enjoying great reviews and has already won prestigious prizes in major international film festivals such as the Bordeaux, Deauville and Cannes film festivals.

Nina Morato is also working on her musical comeback. A new and long-awaited album has been announced. Entitled Il fait beau, the release date of Nina’s 4th album is not known yet but a song together with an official music video is available on the Internet. To produce and direct the video of the new song Toutes les routes, Nina Morato teamed up with old friend and talented French writer-composer Bruno Maman with whom she had penned her Eurovision entry. Once more, you will understand that Nina Morato is a unique artist whose artistic sensitivity cannot leave anyone indifferent.