Shimrit Orr complains about new “Ein Davar”

by Sietse Bakker 407 views

“Ein davar” writer Shimrit Or complained about the revised version of the song, which will be performed on May 12 in Copenhagen by Tal Sundak for Israel. The new arrangement was produced by the composer of the song, Yair Klinger, which was the idea of the IBA.

Or told the Israeli press, “I do not care for the new arrangement that the song has gone through. I was not consulted in it, and I believe the Israeli spirit of the song is ruined. I want IBA to disqualify the song and since I wrote the lyrics I should have a say in this. I was watching the preview of all the songs on IBA on 10th April, and when the Israeli song was presented – I could not believe it! They ruined the song and certainly ruined any chance of the song winning the contest. I have nothing against Tal Sondak – he is an innocent and nice guy. I also have nothing against Yair Klinger – the Composer – but I do blame IBA for letting this happen.”

Yair Klinger reacted on this and said he didn”t changed anything to the lyrics. Everything is whithin the EBU rules. “I tried to improve the song and I think we stand a better chance now, although she (Or) is entitled to her opinion”. Very strange is that the IBA lost contact with the writer. “Shortly after the KDAM in December we lost contact with Shimrit. I respect her a lot, but she was not part of the deliberations and consultations with the European Record companies who urged us to modernise and up-bit the song.”

In order to the EBU rules, it”s possible to make cosmetic changes to a song ten days before the contest. IBA is aware of the fact that Shimrit Or is not amused by the changes, but said they won”t change anything now anymore.