Listen to your chartbeat !

by Sietse Bakker 302 views

The final results become clear to us if we look at the different web polls. France is the winner in most of them, but also Slovenia, Sweden, Malta and Greece are called. “Sweden has got a very typical Eurovision musicstyle this year, so their chances are very high indeed”, according to Björn Verdoodt, webmaster of EurovisieVandaag.

Last year, the ones who mentioned Denmark as the winner were treated like fools. But their prediction came true. Let”s take a look at the no-often called winners. The winners called by last years fools.

“It won”t be the UK. Take a look at last year, when they ended up 14th with a very strong song. It”s not the style for the ESC”, accoring to a fan. Ireland might end up high, but it ould be very well possible that Europe is sick of the Loganish music. Surprised by their style, Europe might vote on Lithuania ! Skamp performs a very surprising song in Lithuanian, France and English. It”s kind of slow and you also might get tired of it, but is is surprising indeed. Denmark is mentioned again as a possible winner, but others say they screwed up all their small chances by translating their song in English.

The most called possible surprise-winner is The Netherlands with the barefoot Michelle ! She will sing as first in Copenhagen and it”s a very slow ballad, which is unusual for this country. “Then what makes this song so special”, most of the fans ask. “When you hear an MP3 of the song, it doesn”t sound very special. But when performed live, it gives a very special warm feeling. People won”t forget the barefoot sitting girl. It”s a very simple performance, but also very impressive”, a Eurovision prof. sais. It was a big surprise in the Netherlands whe won the national final, because she was mentioned on a last place. Ebonique – called as the winner – ended up on a 2nd place en Michelle won the contest ! “Why wouldn”t this happen in Copenhagen”, one of her fans said.

Also Portugal could end up higher than a last place. “Alhough their song is one out of a million, it will give Europe the special feeling of the orchestra”, the Chief Editor said. We will know in 42 days !