New selection method for contest ?

by Sietse Bakker 342 views

A few weeks ago, EBU representative Christine Marchal-Ortiz announced they are thinking about a new selection method for the next editions of the Eurovision Song Contest. Many countries from eastern Europe are interested in participation, but the dream is impossible for thos contries because of the selection methode.

Since 1997, countries are chosen by there avarage score of the past 5 years. Countries such a Switzerland have a very low average and have to skipp a year after participating every time, or they have to get more than 150 points, which is very unusual. Mrs. Marchal-Ortiz is trying to find out if it”s better to get back the system from 1993-1995. This system only looks at the result of the year before. The countries with the seven lowest positions cannot participate the year after and can be present after skipping one year. With this system, you can start clear in a new year ! The Television section of EBU will decide this summer which system they are going to use.

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