France: Natasha St-Pier, coach in The Voice of Belgium 2

by Yann Messina 341 views

Starting tonight, Canadian singer Natasha St-Pier, who brought a very respectable 4th place to France at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Copenhagen in 2001, will appear as one of the four main coaches at the 2nd season of popular TV talent show The Voice in Belgium.

Aired for the first time last year on RTBF’s main channel La Une, The Voice is a very successful TV show gathering a great audience and saw the young Roberto Bellarosa, the 2013 Belgian representative , winning its first edition.

Now busy in Belgium, Natasha St-Pier will focus on her new role as a coach together with Quentin Mosimann, Beverly Jo Scott and Marc Pinilla, and will  try to forget the very disappointing sales in France of her latest album Bonne nouvelle, merely 16,000 copies, despite relatively good reviews from music critics.

It is not sure yet if the New Brunswick born singer will have the opportunity to tour France and the French speaking countries later on in 2013, but Natasha has been invited by Génération Réservoir to perform at the prestigious Olympia music hall in Paris for an exceptional concert on 11 April.