Greenjolly to sing in eight languages

by roel 297 views

The controversial Ukrainian band Greenjolly has presented the new lyrics to their Eurovision Song Contest entry Razom nas bahato today. While the verses will be performed in English and Ukrainian, the chorus' sentence Razom nas bahato, nas ne podolati! will be repeated in no less than six more languages, Korespondent reports.

Razom nas bahato to be sung in seven languages:

� Ukrainian: Разом нас багато – нас не подолати!
� Polish: Jest nas wielu, nas nie pokonacie
� German: Alle wir in allem, sind wir nicht zufallen
� Spanish: Si estamos juntos, somos invencibles
� Czech: V ednote ja nase sila
� French: Le people uni serait jamais vaincu
� Russian: Вместе мы едины, мы не победимы

The Ukrainian band Greenjolly was earlier forced by the European Broadcasting Union to change their political lyrics which were in violation with the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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