An interview with Lithuania's Laura

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On 19th May the group Laura and the Lovers will represent Lithuania in the semifinal of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. Their entry Little by Little is composed by the two well-known Swedish composers and producers Bobby Ljunggren and William �Billy� Butt. Laura�s victory has got a lot of attention in Lithuania as well as in Sweden. has interviewed Laura.

Laura�s new official homepage�� has recently opened. In just one day the forum section got more than 1000 entries according to the composer and manager William �Billy� Butt. Laura is a rising star in Lithuania and with that the interest for the Eurovision Song Contest has grown in the country as well.

On Laura�s homepage she is described as “a dynamic young woman with glowing eyes filled with passion and sexuality � all wrapped up in a veil of secrecy! Her charismatic voice is filled with a unique blend of European pop/rock mystique. Music has been Laura�s passion since childhood.

Interested as we are to find out more about this young and dynamic Lithuanian woman, made an interview with Laura. We talked about how she became an artist, her musical influences and who her lovers are.

We also talked about the most important milestone in her career so far: when she recorded the song Little by little and then managed to win the Lithuanian national selection. About all that she says “I just hope that this is not a dream from which I must one day wake up!

Interview: Laura and the Lovers

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