Aline Lahoud: English or French?

by roel 171 views

The song to be performed by Aline Lahoud in Lebanon's first Eurovision Song Contest appearance is finished. This week Lebanese broadcaster Télé Liban, composer Jad Rahbani and Aline Lahoud will decide whether the song will be performed in English or French in Kiev.

It was an often asked question among our visitors: in which language will Aline Lahoud sing at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest? passed the question to Jad Rahbani, composer of the first Lebanese Eurovision Song Contest entry…

It will be sung in French or in English because Aline can sing both very wel. We will make a decision this week,” explains Jad Rahbani. “The music of the Lebanese song is finished and the title of the song will be set within a week. also had an exclusive interview with Aline Lahoud and Jad Rahbani. The interview will be published later this week on your daily eurovision centre!

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