Croatia changes rules for Dora 2005

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Croatian broadcaster HRT has changed the rules for Dora 2005. Two more songs than initially planned will make it to the semifinals. The final of Dora 2005 will feature 14 songs, all to be performed in Croatian.

HRT has changed some of the rules for Dora 2005. The Croatian national selections will feature 18 semifinalists instead of 16. Only 2 songs thus won't survive the first selections currently taking place. In each semifinal taking place on 3rd and 4th March, 9 participants will perform their song. The top 7 in each semifinal proceeds to the final.

In the final, to take place on 5th March, all 14 songs will be performed in Croatian only. HRT has dropped the plans to let the songs be performed in Croatian and English. In the final, the top 3 songs will be chosen by a three-member jury (50%) and televoting (50%). Televoting only will then select one of the 3 songs for Kiev.

10 songs for Dora 2005 have already been introduced on HRT last week. This week, the next 10 entries will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 20:00 CET:

14/02 | Boris Novković – Vukovi umiru sami & Žanamari Lalić – Kako da te volim
15/02 | E.T. – Ja nisam ta & Goran Karan – Bijele zastave
16/02 | Ricardo – Ni kiwi ni mango & Ivana Kindl – Tvoja ljubav meni pripada
17/02 | Neno Belan & Fiumens – Hey & Ivana Radovniković – Ponesi me
18/02 | Giuliano – Ljubav pobjeduje & Luka Nižetić & klapa Nostalgija – Proljece

A sound file of each song will be added to the Dora 2005 website after the song has been introduced on TV.

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