La mirada interior is the Andorran song for Kiev

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Marian van de Wal will represent Andorra with the song La mirada interior. The song was selected tonight during the show Desitja'm sort, which was broadcast live from Sant Julià de Lòria. Special guest was last year's Eurovision Song Contest winner Ruslana, who performed five songs from her latest album Wild dances.

Desitja'm sort
RTVA presented a pre-recorded video clip of the three songs. Each clip was followed by a little chat with the composers of the songs and then it was up to Marian van de Wal to perform each song live, in Catalan.

A combination of a professional jury and SMS voting decided which song Marian will perform in Kiev. The professional jury clearly preferred La mirada interior, as did the majority of the Andorran televoters, who voted for this song.

These are the results of tonight's Andorran song selection show:
1) 7 points | La mirada interior (Jury: 5 – Televoting: 2)
written by Rafah Tanit, Daniel Aragay & Rafa Fernández
2) 2 points | Dona�m la pau (Jury: 2 – Televoting: 0 )
written by Gisela Asensio, Sergi Fecé, Toni Nojas & Jordi Tejenaute
3) 0 points | No demanis ( Jury: 0 – Televoting: 0 )
written by Edicions Musicals Clipper�s

* All songs can be heard on RTVA's Eurovision pages by clicking here.

The following words will be heard in Kiev…
Si el que vols és trobar la bellesa de la vida,
vés i busca dins el teu cor abans de girar-te cap al món.
Si el que vols és trobar el misteri de la vida,
vés i busca dins el teu cor a través de la mirada interior.

More about Marian van de Wal
About a month ago, right after she defeated Ishtar Ruiz and Mar Capdevila in the final of Eurocàsting, had an interview with Marian van de Wal. Click here to read the entire interview in our specials section.

Marian van de Wal will represent Andorra in the semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest, to be held on 19th May in Ukraine's capital, Kiev.

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