Finland: Christian Forss, Kimmo Kouri & Anna Stenlund proceed

by Alexander Borodin 125 views

Finland held their second semifinal tonight in the town of Jyväskylä. Six songs competed for three places in the final. Christian Forss (pictured) won the second semifinal with 26% of the votes. Kimmo Kouri and Anna Stenlund, who finished second and third, have also qualified for the Finnish national final.

The second Finnish semifinal took place tonight in the Paviljonki venue in the town of Jyväskylä. People were able to phone and vote by SMS during the show. The three songs with the highest amount of votes qualified for the final.

These are the results of the second semifinal in Finland:

1. 26% | Christian Forss – Everything but still nothing
2. 22% | Kimmo Kouri – My life, my love
3. 18% | Anna Stenlund – One more chance

4. 18% | Geir Rönning & Nina Tapio – My one and only love
5. 12% | Momocat – Europa Europa
6. 4% | Sanna Majuri – Just one kiss

Finland will have four semifinals before the Finnish national final takes place in Tampere on 19th February. In total, 12 semifinal songs will proceed to the final. The third semifinal will be held on Friday 4th February at 20:00 CET in the Caribia venue in the town of Turku.