LRT fooled: Ben by Michael Jackson in 3rd semifinal

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Commotion in Lithuania as a person with pseudonym Vygandas today revealed that he fooled LRT. He and his friend submitted Michael Jackson�s hit Ben to the Lithuanian selections. LRT accepted the song and scheduled it in next Saturday�s semifinal.

In the middle of 2004, me and my friend made plans to fool LRT in its Eurovision Song Contest selections,� explains Vygandas to Lithuanian news portal Delfi. �We decided to submit an existing song with another singer and wanted to check the organisers� musical sophistication.

The two friends took one of Michael Jackson�s world hits Ben and renamed the song You. On 10th December 2004, LRT�s deadline for submitting songs, they made a fake biography, named their imaginary singer Justė Kriauzaitė and added the picture of British singer Lolly. LRT didn�t smell a rat and was interested in the singer and her song and selected her for the 3rd semifinal of the Lithuanian national selection, to take place next Saturday.

LRT reacted astonished when they heard the news today. LRT explains that they tried to contact �Justė Kriauzaitė� by telephone. Since they couldn�t reach her, further communication went by e-mail. As Jonas Vilimas of LRT said to Delfi: �We didn�t know about that. I don�t know all songs Michael Jackson ever recorded. We would be glad to have the information so we can officially announce the disqualification of the song.� Vilimas added that this year LRT decided to let everyone participate in the national selection, so there was no commission to judge or select the songs.

Next Saturday, the third Lithuanian semifinal takes place.

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