Ruslana makes political statement

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Since her Eurovision Song Contest victory last May, Ruslana has become an important person in Ukraine. That important that she has been used in political campaigns for the presidential elections in Ukraine. Ruslana, who initially didn't want to reveal her political position, now makes an end to all speculations and expresses her views towards the Ukrainians in a press release:

I have tried for a long time to stay out of politics. But the moment came when I cannot anymore separate myself from political life around me. And that is because it is my country and my people. The moment comes when one should stop undergoing elementary injustice. The moment comes when people cannot keep quiet anymore, otherwise, it will be painful and shameful to face our silence.

Being a participant of student�s resistance movement on the rise of Ukrainian nation, I can see that on the fourteenth year of our independence the students, who are proving their point and defending the freedom of speech and thought, are becoming a subject to repressions. Therefore, I cannot keep silence anymore.

I am joining the positions of the youth and student organizations that demand:
– to stop persecution of Ukrainian citizens, especially students, that participate in public movements and free from jail all the prisoners of conscience
– to guarantee equal conditions for presidential contenders and honest procedure of the vote count in the second round of Presidential Elections 2004
– to officially release voting results no later then November 23, 2004.

I think that the right to vote is not only public but also personal preference and right, therefore, being an essential issue.. I see that today my fellow countrymen are loosing their priceless ability to freely choose and decide on the power which will be guiding them and their children�s lives tomorrow. Therefore, I feel that it is my moral duty to show my protest against crude power and manipulation that is used against my compatriots.

I was not revealing my position fundamentally, but it was �decided for me� without my permission. People started talking about my �views�. Therefore, now it is the time when it�s not only my will, but my duty to express my point of view. I voted for Victor Yushenko in the first round of elections and now I see even more clearly that I have made the right thing. One of the many reasons for me to support Victor Yushenko is that he aims at unification of Ukraine. He doesn�t divide Ukraine into confronting �parts� to use it in the political game.

Dear Ukrainians! I am a singer � not a politician. As I said before I have no plans to carry on agitation. I�m just asking you to come to the polling station and vote for the person your heart tells you to vote for. Don�t let someone deprive you of right to make a free choice. Every one has this right. I�ve made my choice and I will use this right.

Truly yours,


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