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On 20th November he will represent Romania at the second edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with his song Iti multumesc. had an interview with Noni Razvan Ene and this is what he told us…

When did you start singing and what did you already achieve with it?

“I started singing at the early age of 3, but the real success came two years ago, in 2002, when I won the trophy of the National Singing Contest for Children Mamaia Copiilor and the Grand Prix of the International Song Contest for Children The Golden Star in Bucharest, with a song composed by Nicolae Caragia. A year later, I was awarded the Grand Prix of the International Singing Contests The Golden Magnolia in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, and Slaviansky Bazaar in Vitebsk, in Belarus. This year I have been invited as guest star in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina and in Belarus, at the international festivals held there. At the beginning of October I won The Golden Star trophy again with a song composed by Ionel Tudor. Of course I participated in many shows in Romania, some of them broadcasted by TV or Radio.”

Why did you subscribe for the Romanian selections for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

“I decided to try my chances in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest a year ago, when I saw its first edition in Copenhagen. You see, Dino is an �old� friend of mine, and I was so happy for his success!!! After his participation in two editions of The Golden Star festival in Bucharest he became very popular in Romania and that�s one of the reasons why almost all Romanian children gave him their vote. So, when he won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest I said to myself: you can do it too!

What is your song Iti multumesc about?

“I wrote a song for my mummy, as she is the one who gave me life, who encouraged me to sing and gave me confidence in everything I did. Of course I love both my parents very much and I must thank them each day of my life for being so wonderful in taking care of me. I�m a lucky child!”

What was your reaction when you won the Romanian national final?

“Well, I was very happy! As matter of fact, it�s not the first contest I�ve won, but it is the first one where I participated also as a songwriter. I find it very important that the public voted for me and I hope not to disappoint them in Norway.”

How will you prepare for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

“I�m working hard with my vocal coach, the composer Cornel Fugaru, as we have prepared a new backing-track for Lillehammer. I will also record an English version of my song, because we want to make it better understood by those who are interested in it.”

What are your expectations for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Lillehammer?

“I will go to Lillehammer having two aims: first of all I hope to meet a lot of children and become their friend. I�ve learned from my participation in other international contests to respect other talents, the differences between cultures and to strength peace and friendship through music and arts. In the second place, I hope to have a good performance on the stage and, why not, maybe to win the first Eurovision Song Contest for Romania.”

What is your target in your musical career?

“I do not know yet what my musical career will be like, but I�m sure that my life is and will be dedicated to music. I�m a pupil in the 6th grade at a music school in Bucharest, studying the guitar and the piano. And I really hope I will still have a good voice after the changes a boy passes through. �Cause now I�m only 12�” kindly thanks Noni Razvan Ene and Petrut Haivei for the interview.

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