Ruslana on promotional tour through Europe

by roel 384 views

The video for Ruslana�s second European single Dance with the wolves has been shot this week. The video shows the story of a kidnapped girl to be used in an aggressive live show with wolves. Tomorrow Ruslana kicks off another promotional tour through Europe.

“I used this video clip to express my attitude to certain things in this life� “ says Ruslana. “I�m against aggression. I understand the word 'wild' as 'free'. One of the plotlines of this music video is based on a real story which I was told recently. It impressed me greatly.” The makers of the video are completing their work at the moment in order to make the Dance with the wolves video, featuring Carpathian folk dances and real wolves, ready for release.

Tomorrow, Ruslana leaves for a three-day trip to Belgium, the start of another promotional tour through Europe. On Saturday night, Ruslana will be one of the judges at the Miss Belgian Beauty pageant, broadcast live on Flemish channel VT4.

Ruslana's next destinations are:

22.10 | Cyprus
23.10 | Cyprus
24.10 | Cyprus
07.11 | Russia
27.11 | Slovakia
03.12 | Lithuania
04.12 | Latvia
05.12 | Estonia
11.12 | Czech Republic

For more details, have a look on Ruslana's official website.