Martin Osterdahl will remain as Executive Supervisor at Eurovision

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Swedish national radio, Sveriges Radio’s Carolina Noren interviewed Mr. Jean Philip De Tender, the EBU’s Media Director, who shed more light on the new Eurovision Song Contest rules, the EBU’s independent inquiry regarding the incidents that afflicted Eurovision 2024 in Malmo and Martin Osterdahl’s role in the competition.

Mr. Jean Philip De Tender confirmed to Sverige’s Radio that Martin Osterdahl will remain as the Executive Producer at the Eurovision Song Contest. Some of his responsibilities will be now shared with the newly created roles.

Jean Philip De Tender says:

There’s now so much responsibility with the Executive Supervisor, new responsibilities which have come to be added to the task, that we thought it’s better that we divide the roles and the responsibilities.

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo was afflicted by various issues and incidents including the unprecedented disqualifcation of the Netherlands and Joost Klein, the protests against Israel’s participation in the competition.This lead to the EBU asking for an independent inquiry to investigate what happened in Malmo, this inquiry concluded earlier this month. The EBU has decided to implement new changes.

A taskforce of senior leaders within the EBU and its members has been appointed to oversee these implementations and changes. The roles of ESC Director and Head of ESC Brand and Commercial have been created to coordinate and ensure that everything regarding the competition runs smoothly.

Mr. De Tender adds:

When the Eurovision Song Contest started almost 70 years ago, our agreements with the artists were on one page, today they are on hundreds of pages. We need to be clearer and really work to ensure that everyone participating in the event understands what they are getting into.

The new updated rules do not change anything regarding Israel’s participation in the competition, as the same rule is still in force, if the national broadcaster can demostrate it is still an independent public service company it will be eligilble to compete in the contest.

Jean Phillip De Tender says:

Eurovision must continue to be a non-political event in the same spirit as the Olympic Games.

Source: Sveriges Radio
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