Switzerland: Nemo given a hero’s welcome in their hometown Biel

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The 2024 Eurovision champ, Nemo, has been given a hero’s welcome in their hometown Biel five weeks after his epic Eurovision victory in Sweden.

Nemo at the homecoming event in Biel (Photo credit: SRF)

The City of Biel put a grand fete to welcome Nemo back after his Eurovision victory and honour them for their iconic Eurovision triumph. Nemo also celebrated their birthday in Biel on Monday.

Nemo had once attended the Biel Music School, which had prepared a medley for the celebration. While Nemo mingled with the audience, children sang lines from the song “The Code,” with which Nemo had won the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden.

Nemo was moved with the love and warmth of their fans:

Every morning I walked past this square to school.And now you are all here because of me. It could just be a very absurd dream.Standing here is a great honor.Je t’aime, Bienne!

The Mayor of Biel says:

The ESC victory is something like the European music championship title – probably even the world championship title, because there is no other continent like it. Nemo comes from Biel – and with Nemo’s victory, Biel is right in the middle of it. We are all enjoying that together today on the Burgplatz.

The City of Biel is working hand in hand with the Swiss capital city of Bern to submit a bid to co-host the 2025 Eurovision Song Contest next year. The President of the Bernese Grand Council hopes the cities win the bid and get to host the competition next year.

Dominique Buhler (President of Bernese Grand Council) says:

You have won the hearts of the jury and the audience all over the world

Nemo has brought back the coveted Eurovision trophy to Switzerland for the third time, after winning the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest last month in Sweden.

Source: SRF
Photo credit: SRF