Crown the Witch: Bambie Thug’s Epic European Tour is Coming!

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 224 views

Irish Eurovision heartthrob Bambie Thug is hitting the road, and get ready for a tour that’s as electrifying as their unforgettable performance of “Doomsday Blue”! Fresh off their impressive 6th place finish at Eurovision 2024, Bambie Thug is taking their unique brand of gothic pop across Europe on the aptly named “Crown the Witch” tour.

Mark your calendars, because the chaos kicks off on August 30th in Brighton, UK. That’s right, folks – prepare for a wild ride across 28 cities in 19 countries! From headbanging in London to flamenco-infused mosh pits in Spain (well, maybe not flamenco, but you get the idea), Bambie Thug is bringing the party.

Get ready to raise your horns (or glowsticks, no judgement) in cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Milan and beyond. You’ll also find Bambie Thug weaving their magic in the Nordic countries of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. But fear not, Eastern Europe – Bambie Thug isn’t forgetting you! They’ll be gracing stages in Czechia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Hungary, just to name a few.

This tour is more than just a concert; it’s a coronation. Prepare to be bewitched by a phenomenal live show that promises to be equal parts gothic grandeur and pure, unadulterated fun. Whether you’re a die-hard Eurovision fan or just a lover of good music and unforgettable performances, the “Crown the Witch” tour is not to be missed.

Tickets went on sale on May 28th, so don’t dilly dally – grab your tickets and prepare to be crowned the ultimate Bambie Thug fan at a concert near you!

Source: Bambie Thug/ ESCToday
Photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennet /EBU