Nikkie de Jager withdraws from announcing Dutch votes at Eurovision Final

by Michalis Vranis 9,486 views

Another twist in the dramatic Eurovision Song Contest saga! Just moments before the Grand Final in Malmö, Sweden, Dutch points giver Nikkie de Jager, known by her YouTube persona NikkieTutorials, announced she would be withdrawing from her presenting duties.

A Difficult Decision

The news came during a pre-recorded segment for the Eurovision broadcast, where Nikkie tearfully explained her choice. “Giving points for the Netherlands would be a dream come true,” she stated, “But that moment should not stand in the way of the dream itself.”

Uncertain Emotions

Nikkie continued, “Whatever I do tonight, be there or not be there, I cannot do it well.” Her emotional message highlighted the turmoil caused by the Netherlands’ disqualification from the competition.

Shared Decision with AVROTROS

Nikkie emphasized that her decision was made “together with AVROTROS,” the Dutch national broadcaster. AVROTROS has been embroiled in a heated public dispute with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) over the disqualification, hinting at possible legal action.

Focus on the Show Must Go On

Despite Nikkie’s withdrawal, the Eurovision Song Contest will proceed. Dutch viewers will still be able to vote for their favorite entries, and a replacement points giver is expected to be announced shortly.

This dramatic turn of events adds another layer of emotional complexity to an already controversial Eurovision. Stay tuned for further updates on who will take Nikkie’s place and how the Netherlands’ voting will proceed.

Source: NOS