Last-Minute Switch! Norwegian spokesperson Alessandra withdraws, Ingvild Helljesen steps in

by Michalis Vranis 1,487 views

Drama struck the Eurovision Song Contest just moments before the Grand Final in Malmö, Sweden, as Norwegian spokesperson Alessandra Mele unexpectedly withdrew from her duties.

According to Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, Mele was originally scheduled to announce the points awarded by the Norwegian jury. However, she has decided to step down from this responsibility.

Ingvild Helljesen Takes the Stage

The show must go on, and fortunately, a replacement has been found. Stepping in to deliver Norway’s points will be channel host Ingvild Helljesen. The exact reason behind Mele’s withdrawal remains undisclosed. No official statement has been released by either Mele or the Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Speculation Surrounds Decision

This last-minute change has ignited speculation among Eurovision fans. The competition itself has been embroiled in controversy surrounding the disqualification of the Netherlands, and some fans wonder if this might be a contributing factor.

Focus on the Music

Regardless of the reason for Mele’s withdrawal, the Eurovision Song Contest will continue as planned. Viewers can still look forward to a night of incredible performances, exciting competition, and of course, Norway’s points being announced by Ingvild Helljesen.