Welcome Nemo to the Eurovision Pantheon: Switzerland Wins with “The Code” in Dramatic Finale!

by Michalis Vranis 1,197 views

Switzerland has emerged victorious at the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, in a nail-biting finish that kept viewers on the edge of their seats!

The competition was a heart-stopping affair, with several countries vying for the top spot. Switzerland, with their powerful entry “The Code” performed by the non-binary artist Nemo, secured a dominant lead from the juries. However, strong televoting performances from Israel and Ukraine made it a three-way battle for most of the night.

As the televoting results trickled in, suspense filled the arena. Croatia and France emerged as surprise contenders, further intensifying the competition.

Switzerland Holds On for Victory

Despite the strong challenge from other entries, Switzerland managed to hold onto their lead thanks to a respectable televoting performance. The final score revealed a close race, with Switzerland ultimately securing the coveted Eurovision trophy.

A Night of Diverse Performances

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest was a celebration of musical diversity, with entries ranging from energetic pop anthems to soulful ballads. The evening also featured a touching tribute to the legendary ABBA, with performances of their greatest hits.

Switzerland’s Historic Victory

This marks Switzerland’s third Eurovision win, solidifying their place among the competition’s most successful nations. Their previous victories came in 1956 and 1988.

A Memorable Night for Eurovision Fans

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest will undoubtedly be remembered for its thrilling competition, diverse performances, and unexpected twists. Congratulations to Switzerland and Nemo for their well-deserved victory!