Eurovision 2024: Käärijä withdraws from announcing Finland’s points at Eurovision Final, Toni Laaksonen to step in

by Michalis Vranis 4,306 views

Finnish singer Käärijä, who placed second in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has withdrawn from announcing Finland’s points at this year’s grand final. The decision comes just moments before the event is set to begin in Malmö, Sweden.

Käärijä informed Yle of his decision on Saturday evening, stating, “I have decided to withdraw from announcing Finland’s points tonight. Giving points in tonight’s final doesn’t feel right.”

Replacing Käärijä will be Radio Suomi host Toni Laaksonen. According to Ville Vilén, Head of Creative Content and Media at Yle, there had been discussions about the possibility of such a scenario. “And now he has announced it this way,” Vilén stated. Vilén expressed regret that Käärijä would be missing the live broadcast but added, “But we naturally respect the artist’s own decision in this matter.”

Käärijä performed in the second semi-final of Eurovision earlier this week in Malmö.

The reason for Käärijä’s withdrawal has not been officially disclosed. However, his decision comes amid ongoing controversy surrounding the Eurovision voting system, with some critics questioning its fairness and transparency.

Despite the last-minute change, the show will go on for Finland at the Eurovision Finals. Laaksonen will take over the task of announcing the country’s points, and viewers can expect a memorable performance from Finland’s Eurovision entry, Windows95man.

Update: Yle has confirmed that Käärijä’s withdrawal is due to personal reasons. The broadcaster has expressed its support for the artist and wishes him well.